Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowbird Softball Tournament

Although I did not catch it in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, or anywhere on SportsCenter, I'm sure everyone is well aware of what went down at the Snowbird Softball Tournament at the Dugout in beautiful, Davenport, Iowa, this weekend.

Despite the most talented 24 team field in the history of the tournament, one team was able to prove their dominance for a second straight year as Team Stadium Club reigned supreme in this year's tournament.

Many (one) said it was ballsy to go out on a limb and predict a winner for this year's tournament, but I am a ballsy individual and that is why I predicted Team Stadium Club would win it all. But I also did my research.

Any tournament that includes copious amounts of alcohol is going to provide many possible stumbling blocks for even the most fine-tuned team. But this team was built on alcohol, and I knew that would give them a distinct advantage in their games.

I also knew that this team had not seen a bat or glove for months, but these guys are like Allen Iverson: There is no practice necessary.

But this team had many question marks that even I was worried about. Peekenschneider showing his first heterosexual tendencies for years could cause a huge distraction. Danny McKinny now being a married man and taking his wife's name (unconfirmed). And let us not forget the turmoil throughout the dugout after Jason Roy, the manager of Team Stadium Club, made the questionable decision of sending Tony Sims from third in last year's championship game forcing a do-or-die game for all the marbles.

This tournament did not get off to a smooth start on Saturday as a quarter of the team slept in a car the night before after a heavy night of drinking and gambling. But the more they drank, the stronger they got. They plowed through the competition and cruised through the winner's bracket.

But focus was lost going into the first game of the championship. They knew that they would have to be defeated twice to lose their title, and they let their mind wander. Some browsed naked pictures of Peck, others focused on the Daytona 500 where there were heated arguments between who was the best driver, St. Ambrose, Miss Bliss, or Smith Smith.

These distractions led to a shocking loss in the first game, but did these gentleman give up when the chips were down? No, they drank more, and mercy ruled the opposing team in the do-or-die game to retain their title.

The fans went wild, as they couldn't believe the skill of the players before them. I was not shocked. I knew this team was a Team of Destiny. Yes, maybe the Saints helped give the city of New Orleans hope, but this team gave the entire Quad Cities a chance to dream again.

Are these guys heroes? That's for you to decide, but I wouldn't bet against it.


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