Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Michael Wuertz - I Heart You

Michael Wuertz is awesome. Most people refuse to realize this. Wuertz was my favorite Cub when he was on the team. Everyone thought I was crazy, and that Wuertz wasn't that good. Then the Cubs traded him, and I had to drop the Cubs as my favorite team. Wuertz is my boy, and I had to show my support (I was also angry because the Cubs got rid of every one of my past favorite players: Glenallen Hill, Juan Cruz, and Jason Dubois)

Why is any of this important? Baseball Prospectus did a study and declared Wuertz tied for the third best reliever in all of baseball. He finished behind Jonathan Broxton and Joe Nathan while tying with Mariano Rivera. All of you haters can now suck it, because this fist pump isn't for you.

Oh yeah, and he cares about kids in the hospital.

Wuertz 4 Life


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