Friday, March 5, 2010

Why Do My Favorite Teams Hate Me?

I honestly don't know why my favorite teams hate me, but they do.

The Bulls got rid of Tyrus Thomas. Also, the Bulls game I went to in Seattle, both Thomas and Deng sat out. They hate me the least.

The Cubs got rid of Glenallen Hill, Juan Cruz, Jason Dubois, and Michael Wuertz. They also shredded Mark Prior's arm. They hate me the most.

And now we have the Bears. After today, they clearly hate me somewhere in the middle.

Although I did advocate going on a spending spree this offseason (since I knew they wouldn't go for my original plan of releasing everyone but Lance Briggs), they aren't spending wisely.

Each year, I pick a player that may be traded or is a free agent who I don't want the Bears to get. Last year, that player was Jay Cutler. After that debacle, nothing this offseason could top it, but I'm still bitter about it.
(Begin Rant)I think that if a person thought Jay Cutler was good before this season, they should not be able to have opinions on any NFL player for the rest of their life. I'm hoping that nobody actually watched him play and thought he was good, because that's damn near impossible. I hope it was just the ESPN hype machine that confused people, because Cutler sucks. For those that say he just needs a better offensive line, Ron Jaworski looked at all 26 of Cutler's interceptions to see how many were caused by poor offensive line play. You know how many were? Zero. Yep, he just makes bad decisions. (End Rant)

This year I picked another player that I know will suck, and some team will greatly overpay him. No, I'm not talking about Julius Peppers, I'm talking about Chester Taylor.

Julius Peppers was a necessary commitment, because the Cover-2 depends on pass rush from the front four defensive linemen to succeed. Although it's a six year deal, I glanced through it quickly and it looks like it's more of a three year deal where the Bears can get out of it pretty easily after that (Note, this may be incorrect, but always remember, very few multi year NFL deals actually last as long as the contract says).

But Chester Taylor? Are you kidding me? If they wanted a 30 year old without much wear on his body, why not go for Aaron Greving? He hasn't played for eight years, he should be fresh as a daisy.
The Guy The Bears Should Have Signed

The crazy thing is that Chester Taylor's last (and only) year that he was the primary back was 2006. He had 1200 yards, and barely averaged four yards per carry. I say barely, because his average (and total) was greatly helped by a 95 yard touchdown run that year.

At this point, you should probably be thinking, hey, he sounds like an average running back. But let me bring this point up, he was running behind three Pro-Bowl caliber linemen in Bryant McKinnie, Steve Hutchison, and Matt Birk. The Bears don't have any Pro-Bowl caliber linemen (Olin Kreutz sucks these days), and it's debatable whether they should be pros at all.

The Bears decided to pay $7 million guaranteed to, at best, an average backup. Oh yeah, and since the Bears were so speedy to do it, the Vikings can now sign a free agent which they would have been unable to do until somebody signed away one of their players.

I know, somewhere, deep down, the Bears still care about me. Jerry Angelo, you know what you have to do. It's so simple, just three simple letters...


P.S. With John David Booty comes scenery like this, just replace Heisman with MVP:

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