Friday, May 7, 2010

UFC 113 Picks

I'm at the airport, but I'll still drop a quick blog before I gamble on all these fights tomorrow night:

John Salter over Jason MacDonald - I don't know much about Salter, but it's always good to see a Canadian lose in their own country.

Yoshiyuki Yoshida over Mike Guymon - I really don't know why Mike Guymon is in the UFC, he's not that good.

Tim Hague over Joey Beltran - I don't like either of these guys, but Hague had the audacity to use the 1 lb weight allowance and weigh in at 266, so I'll go with him.

Johny Hendricks over TJ Grant - Hendricks will use his wrestling and win. Unless Mark Perry comes in and beats him in the national championship (Iowa Wrestling joke that only three people got).

Marcus Davis over Jonathan Goulet - Goulet choked out a pitbull last week, but he'll probably get destroyed in this fight. Again, it's fun to root against Canadians.

Tom Lawlor over Joe Doerksen - Lawlor defeats another Canadian.

Sam Stout over Jeremy Stephens - Because one Canadian has to win.

Alan Belcher over Patrick Cote - But not two Canadians. Belcher is sharp standing up and has a pretty solid ground game, which should be enough to take out a rusty Cote.

Kimbo over Matt Mitrione - These guys are both terrible, but I'll go with Kimbo because...why not?

Josh Koscheck over Paul Daley - Daley has poor takedown defense, and will get pounded out on the ground. Unless Kos fights like an idiot, which he does like to do. Still, I can't possibly pick a Brit to beat a national champion wrestler.

Mauricio Shogun Rua over Lyoto Machida - Rua got robbed last time, and this is still a toss up fight, but I still love Shogun from the Pride days, so I'll pick him to win the title.

Alright, I'm off to Vegas, have a great weekend everybody.


P.S. Matt Gatens is forming a stable, Hawks b-ball is in great shape. Here is a picture of The New Legacy to wet your appetite:

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