Wednesday, May 26, 2010

UFC 114 Picks

Since I always forget to do these until like hours before the fights actually start, I figured I'd get in some early picks for UFC 114. Every time that I post my picks, I do far worse than when I don't post them, so we'll see if my luck can finally change and I can look smart for a change.

Ryan Jensen over Jesse Forbes - This is a tough matchup to call, but Jensen has really only lost to top notch guys, and I certainly wouldn't qualify Forbes as a top notch guy. Still, Forbes has been impressive in that he was on The Ultimate Fighter, lost his one match in the UFC, and then worked his way back up to the UFC by winning at smaller shows. Not enough to win though, as Jensen takes a unanimous decision.

Joe Brammer over Aaron Riley - Brammer has never beaten anyone of note, but Riley loses most of his tough matches as well. I don't know much about Brammer, so this is really just a shot in the dark, so I'll go for a unanimous decision for him.

Luiz Cane over Cyrille Diabate - This is one of the fights that I am most looking forward to so it's disappointing that it might not be televised at all. Both of these guys love to strike. Diabate's most notable performance came against Shogun where he was able to win the standup battle before Shogun took him down and submitted him. Cane was destroying everything in sight before looking very flat against Rogerio Nogueira. Still, I'm going to go with Cane's aggressive style for a second round KO.

Melvin Guillard over Wayne Lowe - Guillard has been fighting much smarter fights since joining Greg Jackson's camp, so I think Lowe will have trouble putting him in bad positions. I'll go with first round TKO for Melvin.

Efrain Escudero over Dan Lauzon - Escudero's wrestling is going to help him control positions against Lauzon. Plus Lauzon is actually feuding with his brother right now which is some WWE shit. Hopefully that fight happens after Escudero wins a decision against Lauzon.

Dong Hyun Kim over Amir Sadollah - This is really a tossup fight as Kim seems to control opponents and not do much more than that, but he's been barely successful in his fights so good for him. Sadollah is solid, but I think it's going to be tough for Sadollah to handle Kim, so Kim wins by decision.

Diego Sanchez over John Hathaway - I think Hathaway looks like a pretty legit prospect in the welterweight division, but Sanchez has shown himself to be extremely well rounded when not fighting BJ Penn. He is moving back up to welterweight, so Hathaway may have a size advantage, but I think Diego is going to put too much pressure on Hathaway and will win by TKO in the third round.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira over Jason Brilz - Brilz is a last second replacement for Forrest Griffin which is disappointing, because Lil' Nog vs. Griffin would have been a fun fight to watch. Nogueira can pretty much dominate no matter where this fight goes, so I'll say first round submission for him, but the last time I was supremely confident that he'd win, he lost to some unknown dude named Sokoudjou. Hopefully there's no repeat here.

Todd Duffee over Mike Russow - Duffee is a beast. He is a giant man that crushes things, Russow will be one of those things, first round TKO.

Dan Miller over Michael Bisping - This isn't a very smart pick, but I don't like Bisping, so I figure why can't Miller pull something off? Bisping's stint as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter pretty much means that I will always pick against him. Miller wins by KO in the third round after his corner distracts the ref and Ricky Stanzi knocks Bisping out with a steel chair...for America.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson over Rashad Evans - I go back and forth on this fight quite a bit, so it's definitely a tough call, but I think Evans is going to have trouble taking him down to the ground, and Rampage has more power standing up with pretty crisp boxing. I'll go with Rampage with a second round KO, but I'm not very confident in the pick.

P.S. I found the most fun sport ever. That's right, neon lamp fighting.

P.P.S. Jose Canseco was having some classic tweets today, first up:
Why do you guys hate me so much cause I told the truth and fixed the game and probably saved someone life like your kids or brother or frien

But it gets better just a few minutes later when he writes:
If your sister or close friend was being raped by an athlete in the losker room and I saw it would I be a snitch if I talked or not

Sis, I don't know what they are, but stay away from all losker rooms, apparently it's raping grounds for athletes.

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