Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why I Still Believe In The Bulls - Part Two

I still believe the Bulls can beat the Heat in their series. I know I am in the minority with that opinion, but I honestly believe it can happen. Is it likely? No, I honestly do not think it is likely. As I said before this series started, these are two evenly matched teams, and either team can win on any given night. The Bulls went into Game Four, needing to win their remaining home games and win one game in Miami to win the series. After losing Game Four, the Bulls need to win their remaining home games and win one game in Miami. That hasn't changed.

Since these teams are evenly matched, each game is a coin flip. It landed on heads the first game, and then it landed on tails the next three games. If it lands on heads in game five, that doesn't mean it is less likely for it to land on heads in game six, and then game seven. And if the Bulls win Game Five, it puts a TON of pressure on the Heat in Game Six, because they do not want to go back to Chicago to win the series in a do-or-die Game Seven.

That's all well and good, but I can't ignore the fact that the Bulls have lost three in a row. If they keep playing like they have been playing, it will take a miracle for them to win three in a row. Luckily, there are many areas that, not only the Bulls can improve, but that the Bulls should improve on for the rest of this series.

The Bulls will stop playing so sloppy. Their turnovers aren't caused by overwhelming defense, they are caused by sloppy play and laziness. Sometimes the Bulls get lackadaisical on offense and either make a lazy pass or forget that, yes, the NBA has instituted a shot clock, so you do eventually have to throw the ball at the hoop.

Eventually the Bulls will start hitting shots. They aren't the worst shooting team in the history of the NBA, so I believe that their shots will actually start going in the basket. The Heat have played good defense, but not great defense. 

They have a song out that should propel them to greater heights. Wait, have you not heard "Hey Bulls" yet? If not, you are in for a treat. Actually, even if you have heard it, you're still in for a treat as this is simply a great song (and an even better video).

I'm not ashamed to admit that I have probably watched this video a dozen times. The most difficult part of watching this video is picking out my favorite part of it. The song is amazing. There is a random guy off to the side painting the Bulls logo. There are old ladies rocking out while wearing tie-dyed clothes. There is some random dude wearing a fake beard and Mario gloves. And let's not forget the guy dressed like a shriner with a wolf mask on. But this guy really steals the show.
An old guy with a goofy hat, tie-dyed shirt, and red tank top. He also gets bonus points over the ladies because he is still able to stand. And he takes full advantage of that by dancing around during the song. But he cements his status as star of the video, because of his batoning abilities. That's right, a male batonist.

Justice - The Heat chant "MVP" for half of their team. Joel Anthony. Really? You believe him to be the MVP? Heat fans are such douchebags, and I believe God (in this case, David Stern) works in mysterious ways. Yes, LeBron has been allowed 15 steps during the playoffs so far, but that is only to build him up to have it all come crashing down. And really, there couldn't be a better storyline than LeBron's team cruising to a 3-1 lead only to choke this series away. David Stern, er, God, you are one magnificent bastard.

My pick: Bulls in seven. Suck my balls, Heat fans.


P.S. If all of those reasons aren't enough, don't forget that Luol Deng has a heart of gold.

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