Monday, July 18, 2016

5 Podcasts You Must Listen To

There are a lot of dipshits out there who make blanket statements like, "I really enjoy music." That's great, dipshit, and also totally uninteresting and worthless. I like music, but not as much as many people. Hence, I listen to podcasts. It's all about learning and it keeps my mind fresh when I'm cooking, cleaning, or driving around. Since I listen to a fair amount of podcasts, I figured I would give a quick rundown of the best stuff I am listening to right now. Some of these are obvious to the podcast world, and some are a little less well known, but they are all fantastic, and if you listen to podcasts or feel yourself tiring of music, I'd highly recommend the following.

Art of Wrestling 
I listen to too many pro wrestling podcasts. I don't want to give a number, but it is definitely too many. I would not recommend any one of those outside of the Art of Wrestling. Colt Cabana does a great job of getting a wrestler tell his or her story, and you never quite know what the interview will focus on. The reason I would recommend a pro wrestling podcast, because as Cabana says, it's really "a life podcast," and I think that's fitting. It's very conversational, and it's fun to just be along for the ride. I got into it for the big name stars, but a lot of the unknown guys have the most fun stories. If you like hearing about people taking chances to follow their dreams, maybe they reach it, maybe they don't, maybe they're on their way up, or maybe they're on their way out, no matter what, it never fails to captivate.

The Dollop
This is probably the most popular podcast on my list, but there's a reason it's so popular, and that's because it's super funny and technically educational. It's an American history podcast which sounds super boring (I stayed away for quite a while because of this), but they focus on a lot of obscure stories, and they're both comedians, so they add a lot to what are already ridiculous stories. One of my favorites from the last month was about women starting to run the Boston Marathon and how one insane guy who didn't love the Marathon, but was IN love with the Marathon tried to stop them was a wonderful listen.

Lineup MMA
I just started listening to this podcast when they switched up the cohosts a few weeks ago. No offense to John McCarthy, but it's a pretty big upgrade to get both Ben Askren and Joe Warren to talk MMA with Sean Wheelock. I will admit that this is probably the most niche podcast in the group as you do kind of have to enjoy MMA to enjoy the podcast, but it's so great, because they talk shit about everybody. If one of them happens to like somebody, inevitably the other one will dislike that person. It's basically just an hour long shit-talking podcast with two guys who can actually back up everything they say.

Pardon My Take 
I am not a "Stoolie" by any means, but I'm also not against it either. I am a huge PFT Commenter fan, as I think the man is brilliant, and his ebook is the only book I have purchased myself in the last eight years. These guys have basically created a satirical First Take where they come up with the hottest takes, try to defend them but are in on the joke and just try to one-up each other on the hotness of the takes. I know that sounds stupid on the surface, but it's also quietly clever. They actually get far better guests than you would guess, and they ask different enough questions to get interesting answers. Really, their two best segments are "Ya Think?" and "Racehorse or Porn Star" which are both incredibly stupid but make me laugh my face off every damn time.

The Six Hundred Dollar Podcast 
This is the newest podcast on the list, as it's only been around for a couple months, and you may know it from it's original name, "Wildin' Out Without Nick Cannon," or it's second name, "Totally Cannon," but since being threatened by cease and desist letters from Nick Cannon's lawyer, they have had to change the name. Still, it may be the one I most highly recommend for the general public. It's got comedian, Tommy Johnagin and comedy writers Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker. Probably my favorite moment was when they had a conversation about what they should refer to toddler's genitalia that nearly made me fall on the floor laughing. It is truly special the way they are able to sexualize toddlers during the podcast. Some would say it takes a certain kind of sense of humor to enjoy this show, and they would be right, but that certain type is just a good sense of humor.


  1. Where's my comment about The Jonah Show podcast being must listen? Also Bears suck

    1. Is The Jonah Show still a thing? When was the last episode?

  2. The jonah show still exists we just hit a delay when someone (the government) burned down our studio. We will be back stronger than ever