Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quick Thoughts

Obviously, I love how much everybody has been bringing up Bash at the Beach in regards to LeBron James, but this video takes it to a whole new level:

I caught the end of the ESPYS last night, and it's amazing how big a made up award can become. The beauty of it is that all awards are made up, but something seems incredibly fake about ESPYS. I put it on the same level as Guys' Choice Award. Maybe I should just join in and create an award blogpost called the JOEYS. I'm sure there would be a highly contested battle for Best West Coast Dancer.

When I thought the Bulls were going to be the big winners of free agency, I outlined a comparison between the Bulls team and characters from Saved By The Bell. It was awesome and the parallels were amazing. Now that outline pretty much ends up in the trash, unless we get JJ Redick, in which case I will stretch it to make it work or come up with a new show to compare the players to.

I have been unemployed for over eight months, and my current dream job is to be a garbage man. I wonder if any 8-year olds out there think that I have their ideal life.

If you're a fan of great comedy, this is the greatest thing that Borat has ever done. It's been a while since I watched it, but it's still as good as ever. Just please don't start quoting him again.

For those fans of Jose Canseco who don't follow him on Twitter, nothing too interesting has been happening. The biggest thing is that he lost to a 60-year old man in a boxing match, so now he will daily challenge all of his followers to fight him on "his show." I think somebody told him once that he should make a TV show, and now he thinks he has a development deal in place.

The last episode of Entourage was maybe the most painful episode to watch in the history of the show, and that's saying quite a bit considering how far that show has fallen. Not only was it incredibly boring, but everything remotely related to the NFL storyline was so brutal to watch that it made the conditions at Guantanamo Bay look like Disneyland.


P.S. I am deeply contemplating making my first video game purchase in three years. Is NCAA Football worth the $40? Also, is the gameplay similar to Madden? And yes, I said $40, because my newest game system is still the PS2.

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