Friday, November 5, 2010

Professional Sports Teams and Nutrition

Chicken, Ribs, and a shit ton of BBQ, how does an NFL team purposely feed their players this two days before a game? How do they not get a real chef to come in and make them something healthy and delicious? When it comes to the Randy Moss saga, everyone seems to be overlooking this part of the story. This is a terrible oversight by a professional sports team. Now, most likely, NFL players are going to eat whatever the hell they want when they have their choice, but if you are going to bring in food for a team, it is inexcusable for an organization to feed them that sort of food.

I'm not a health nut, and I’m certainly not a real athlete, but I am somebody who likes to stay in good shape. With my limited working out, I can tell a huge difference with my body from when I’m eating healthy and when I’m eating unhealthy. It is most likely magnified when we’re talking about the premium athletes in the NFL.

Obviously, Moss comes across as a dick in this story, but if he came out and said, “I’m a professional athlete and it’s criminal that they were feeding us that with a game less than 48 hours away,” I’d have trouble blaming the guy.

Anyway, I haven’t seen anybody in the mainstream media bring this up, so I figured I’d throw it out there. And if the Bears, Bulls, or Cubs are reading this and aren’t already feeding their team healthy food, please God, start. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the difference in nutrition led to a game difference in football, two in basketball, and three in baseball.


P.S. Because I love Derrick Rose, here is the newest D-Rose commercial.

Also, anybody who thinks Rajon Rondo is better than Derrick Rose is an absolute moron. Rondo is a complimentary player who could never be the number one option for a team. Rose didn't have a great game last night, but that was because the Celtics defense was completely focused on stopping him. Because of that, it created open shots for other guys, and Noah shot like he was Larry Bird. And although it didn't work out, I loved that Rose waved off the pick from Noah at the end of the game so he could try to take out Rondo on his own. It didn't work out, and probably wasn't the smartest decision, but it took balls, and I love balls (If I can be gay about my love of Andrew Luck, I can be gay about my love of Derrick Rose).

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