Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Don't Care To Watch You Watch Sports

I really thought we were past this.  I enjoy watching sports more than most people.  I usually try to stay reserved, but if you put me with the right group of people, and give me the right chemical imbalance then I can really get into games.  Yelling at sporting events is a good way to let off some steam, even though it sometimes feels as if your favorite team may give you a heart attack.  All in all, you could say that I love sports.  I love sports, but I don't love watching people watch sports.

This phenomenon seemed to become popular during the most recent World Cup.  Landon Donovan scored a goal to crush the mighty, global dominator known as Algeria.  With that goal, we crushed those impoverished pieces of shit, and it felt awesome.  Now look, I'll admit I was excited, and I don't fault anybody for yelling and screaming in joy when this happened.  Sports brings out emotions.  I have no problem with the event itself.

The problem I have is that people recorded people celebrating and put it on YouTube for people to...enjoy?  Yes, not just one person, but multiple people thought it would be fun to watch other people watch sporting events.  This is retarded in itself, but then you learn that there are people even more retarded who ACTUALLY enjoy watching other people watch sports.

I remember a buddy telling me how I needed to watch this awesome video of people watching the World Cup.  Luckily, there were a group of people so I was able to leave halfway through, but they sat there in total silence as they were amazed to see people hoot and holler at a television screen.

There's a lot of things out there that I don't like that I can at least understand how it could be entertaining for people.  Curling has no appeal to me, but if I stretch my brain, I can at least see some appeal for the precision and concentration it takes to be good at it.  With watching people watch sports, I have no idea what the appeal of it is.  My best guess is nostalgia, but people aren't watching their friends celebrate, they're watching strangers celebrate.  It's kind of creepy.

I thought that the World Cup would just be a short blip on our radar for this activity, but the NFL has now come out with commercials that feature people celebrating a big play by their team.  I spent a whole 90 seconds looking for one of the commercials and failed, but I'm sure you've seen them or can imagine what they look like. 

The final thing that bothers me about these videos is that somebody wastes their time recording other people celebrating.  They record a crowd celebrating instead of worrying about what is actually happening in the game.  Now they may just be a lonely guy who wants to pretend he has friends with these videos, and as sad as that is, he's still not as pathetic as the people who enjoy them.


P.S.  Since today's post was about sports, here's two excellent profiles of NFL prospects.  The first is of Torrey Smith, a wide receiver out of MarylandAnd the second one is of Jake Locker who I hope can read books better than football field, otherwise, he ain't graduating.

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