Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Will Sell Out For A $40 Value

All great artists dream of making it big.  Many of them even dream of the day when someone asks them to change their art to make it more commercially viable.  They dream of telling them no as they are true to their art.  I am not one of these people; that is why I love flat panel TV stands.  Let me explain.

The other day I received an e-mail from CSN which basically stated that they loved my blog (can't blame them for that), and they wanted to see if I would be interested in a partnership with their company.  They recommended that I give away something on my site, so you, the readers could enjoy something from CSN.  They said if I didn't think that would be a good idea, they could let me use a product and do a review for it.  Since I would much rather have free stuff than let you scumbags (And I say that in the nicest way possible) get something for free just for enjoying the most awesome blog on the planet.

So I told him that I thought that option two, where I get the free stuff, would work much better for my website.  So now they are going to give me a $40 gift certificate as long as I put the flat panel TV stands as my one and only link in the piece.  This means that I have $40 to use on home decor.  As most of you know, home decor is far from my passion.  I am hoping they have something that can spice up my air mattress for when I pull chicks back to my place, but I'll probably settle for a lamp.

Now I have to send him this link to let him know that yes, I did show off those awesome flat panel TV stands.  Note to all companies out there, I am more than willing to sell out with my writing.  And if my friends at Lamborghini are reading this, a free car might just earn you a full week of posts.  I'm not sayin' I'm just sayin'.


P.S.  It's my Mom's birthday, and she turns 29 today.  She turned 29 last year too, not sure how that's possible, but it's her birthday, so I'm not going to argue.  Anyway, happy birthday Mom.

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