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A Post That Will Only Interest My League: 2011 Fantasy Team Rankings - Part 1

Just to prove that the fame (minimal) and fortune (non-existant) has not gone to my head since my breaking the news of what really happened in Jose Canseco's Boxing Controversy (linked on both Yahoo and Deadspin), I have bent to my league's demands (and since I have nothing better to write about) to provide my league's preseason fantasy baseball rankings.

12. John
Summary: This team is so boring, you may fall asleep while reading through the roster.
11Joey Votto, Cin 1B
14Kevin Youkilis, Bos 1B
35Jayson Werth, Was OF
38Zack Greinke*, Mil SP
59Hunter Pence, Hou OF
62Corey Hart, Mil OF
83Stephen Drew, Ari SS
86Max Scherzer, Det SP
107Mark Reynolds, Bal 3B
110Neil Walker, Pit 2B
131Ricky Nolasco, Fla SP
134Miguel Montero, Ari C
155Drew Storen, Was RP
158Andres Torres, SF OF
179Jonny Venters, Atl RP
182Logan Morrison, Fla OF
203Dexter Fowler, Col OF
206Ricky Romero, Tor SP
227Brandon Lyon, Hou RP
230David Murphy, Tex OF
251J.J. Hardy, Bal SS
The Good: For some reason, I really like his Baltimore Orioles picks.  Even though he is going over to the tougher league in a less ideal ballpark, Mark Reynolds crushes the ball.  If he can get his batting average up to .250, he's a huge asset at third base which is not a position with a lot of depth.  I also like Hardy to have a good year as he had to deal with a wrist injury last year, so I think he can show some of the power that he displayed during his Milwaukee days. Also, Ricky Nolasco's fantasy stats have to match his advanced stats eventually, right?

The Bad: There seemed to be a ton of draft picks that lacked upside.  Werth, Pence, Hart, and Walker all seem like pretty boring picks. I'm also not real high on Logan Morrison being a great fantasy option in his first full year.  Same goes for David Murphy, because, well, he's David Murphy.  If everything goes right, it's a middle of the pack team, but unless this team gets immaculate luck, this is not a championship caliber team.

11. Chad
Summary: At least he won't be short on steals. Unfortunately, every other category could be a problem.

1Albert Pujols, StL 1B
24Cliff Lee, Phi SP
25Ryan Zimmerman, Was 3B
48Jason Heyward, Atl OF
49Tommy Hanson, Atl SP
72Heath Bell, SD RP
73Roy Oswalt, Phi SP
96Aaron Hill, Tor 2B
97Michael Bourn, Hou OF
120Brett Gardner, NYY OF
121Rafael Furcal, LAD SS
144Francisco Cordero, Cin RP
145Brandon Morrow, Tor SP
168Adam LaRoche, Was 1B
169Anibal Sanchez, Fla SP
192Carlos Lee, Hou OF
193Ian Kennedy, Ari SP
216Edwin Jackson, CWS SP
217Raul Ibanez, Phi OF
240Kurt Suzuki, Oak C
241Frank Francisco, Tor RP
The Good: He got Albert Pujols, I hear he's good. He also got Zimmerman when a pick finally came back around to him.  I could also see Aaron Hill having a bounceback year this season.  Getting Francisco in the last round is a really nice pick since Toronto has said that he has the closer's job when he comes off the disabled list.  And for some reason, even though it makes no sense as I'm typing it, I kind of like Carlos Lee to be good again this year. Somebody on the Astros has to be good, right?

The Bad: He drafted Michael Bourn and Brett Gardner back to back, so he must really like steals. When you take Adam LaRoche, you've clearly stopped caring. He's also depending on Rafael Furcal staying healthy at shortstop and can't be expecting much at catcher with Kurt Suzuki behind the plate.  This is another team that just fails to excite me.

10. DW
Summary: Things didn't start well, and they didn't end well either, but there was a solid middle.
3Roy Halladay, Phi SP
22Nelson Cruz, Tex OF
27Ryan Howard, Phi 1B
46Jose Reyes, NYM SS
51Brian McCann, Atl C
70Yovani Gallardo, Mil SP
75Brian Wilson, SF RP
94Howard Kendrick, LAA 2B
99Casey McGehee, Mil 3B
118Clay Buchholz, Bos SP
123Adam Jones, Bal OF
142Madison Bumgarner, SF SP
147Jose Valverde, Det RP
166Vernon Wells, LAA OF
171C.J. Wilson, Tex SP
190Brian Roberts, Bal 2B
195Jake Westbrook, StL SP
214Kyle Drabek, Tor SP
219Justin Smoak, Sea 1B
238Denard Span, Min OF
243Jair Jurrjens, Atl SP

Good: Jose Reyes and Brian McCann back to back are really good picks for the fourth and fifth rounds.  Yes, Reyes is an extreme risk, but he is in a contract year and he might just explode this year.  If he's healthy, it's great, but it could still bite him in the ass.  Shortstop is a very shallow position, so having somebody with this much upside is great to have. McCann is nearly the opposite.  He is low risk.  Worst case is that he's an above average catcher, but he has the potential to be the top catcher in the league. I also like B-Rob as a good late value who can really pay off if he's healthy or you can drop him when he has yet another horrible injury. 

Bad: Roy Halladay at number three is bad.  He could be the best pitcher in the league and still be a regrettable pick at number three.  Casey McGehee doesn't excite me in any way. Brian Wilson seems like a guy who is due to regress this year, and he's already hurt which isn't a good sign to start the year. Also, the Justin Smoak pick is simply a waste of a pick.

9. Cory
Summary: Cory's an old soul, so he drafted a bunch of grizzled vets for his fantasy team.
2Hanley Ramirez, Fla SS
23Prince Fielder, Mil 1B
26Jose Bautista, Tor 3B
47Victor Martinez, Det C
50Chris Carpenter, StL SP
71Jered Weaver, LAA SP
74Paul Konerko, CWS 1B
95Curtis Granderson, NYY OF
98Torii Hunter, LAA OF
119Kelly Johnson, Ari 2B
122Ted Lilly, LAD SP
143Aubrey Huff, SF 1B
146Daniel Hudson, Ari SP
167Adam Lind, Tor DH
170Bobby Abreu, LAA OF
191Brad Lidge, Phi RP
194Trevor Cahill, Oak SP
215Fernando Rodney, LAA RP
218James McDonald, Pit SP
239Brandon McCarthy, Oak SP
242Jorge De La Rosa, Col SP
The Good: I really like his first two picks. Hanley's one of the few five category studs, and Prince Fielder has a lot of hitting talent around him, so there's no reason he can't produce big numbers this season. Another pick I really liked was Curtis Granderson as he actually started hitting lefties last year, so if he can mash righties like he has in the past, he could put up a monster season. On the pitching side, I think James McDonald is the kind of guy you want to take a chance on late in the draft as he put up really good numbers at the end of last year, but it is still a small sample size. Maybe it works great, or maybe he's an early drop, but it's good to have the chance to find out.

The Bad: Joey Bats at 26 is not the type of chance I would want to take off of one season's work. I don't see him falling off the face of the Earth, but I also see him more at 30 home runs than the 50 he hit last year. I also don't really like the Aubrey Huff pick, because Aubrey Huff has killed me in fantasy in the past, and when I finally gave up on him, he started hitting again. This might just be me being bitter, but I have some serious issues with Huff, and I really don't think he'll put up the numbers he had last year. I'm also not high on Brad Lidge as I'm pretty sure he's thrown his arm off and it may never come back.

8. JVD
Summary: We all hate JVD. I'm glad his team will suck.
7Troy Tulowitzki, Col SS
18Josh Hamilton, Tex OF
31Mike Stanton, Fla OF
42Ichiro Suzuki, Sea OF
55Josh Johnson, Fla SP
66Mat Latos, SD SP
79Kendry Morales, LAA 1B
90Ben Zobrist, TB 2B
103Geovany Soto, ChC C
114Pablo Sandoval, SF 3B
127Brett Anderson, Oak SP
138Chris Perez, Cle RP
151Jordan Zimmermann, Was SP
162Tyler Colvin, ChC OF
175Andrew Bailey, Oak RP
186Aroldis Chapman, Cin RP
199Ryan Raburn, Det OF
210Michael Pineda, Sea SP
223Derek Holland, Tex SP
234Brandon League, Sea RP
247Derek Lowe, Atl SP
The Good: I'm not gonna lie, I love Troy Tulowitzki.  I wish I could somehow disparage everything in this draft, because this JVD character is the punching bag of the entire league. But while we're on the good, I also really like Josh Johnson as I thought he was underrated going into this season.  Later in the draft, he made some nice picks with Geovany Soto, Pablo Sandoval, and Brett Anderson.

The Bad: Outside of their team owner being a douche, this draft completely fell apart down the stretch. Tyler Colvin?  Regression year. Aroldis Chapman? Setup man, whoopty doo. Ryan Raburn? Who? Michael Pineda? Growing pains. A lot of people will also have problems with Mike Stanton in the third round, but if you really want a guy and you don't think he'll be around later, then you go for it, and it's not like Stanton isn't loaded with potential. Also, the Latos, Morales, Zobrist streak were all questionable decisions. I'm betting against all three.  And finally, did I mention their owner is a douche?

7. Mike D
Summary: Taking a glance at this team, you'd be surprised they're ranked this low. If you knew Mike D, you wouldn't be.
6Carlos Gonzalez, Col OF
19Tim Lincecum, SF SP
30Jon Lester, Bos SP
43Buster Posey, SF C
54Dan Haren, LAA SP
67Jacoby Ellsbury, Bos OF
78Francisco Liriano, Min SP
91Carlos Marmol, ChC RP
102Gordon Beckham, CWS 2B
115Carlos Pena, ChC 1B
126Carlos Quentin, CWS OF
139Ian Desmond, Was SS
150Ian Stewart, Col 3B
163Edwin Encarnacion, Tor 3B
174Manny Ramirez, TB OF
187Ryan Dempster, ChC SP
198Chone Figgins, Sea 2B
211Angel Pagan, NYM OF
222Derrek Lee, Bal 1B
235Grady Sizemore, Cle OF
246David Aardsma, Sea RP
The Good: I really like some of the mid-round values that he found.  Two that stand out are Gordon Beckham and Carlos Pena.  Beckham was a huge disappointment last year, but he actually started hitting well towards the end of the season.  Pena is moving to the weaker league and a hitter's ballpark, so 40 home runs is definitely a possibility.  I also like Chone Figgins and Manny Ramirez late as they are two guys who could also have bounceback years in 2011.

The Bad: Although his pitching is strong, I think Lincecum went too high. He had ups and downs last year and pitched a ton of innings last year. I can see him showing the wear of last year during this season. I'm not a big Jacoby Ellsbury fan, because he's going to have to battle for playing time. It doesn't seem like the Red Sox are exactly in love with the guy, so I could see them pulling the plug on him very early.  And on top of that, he's injury prone. Ian Desmond seemed like a desperation pick to just get some sort of a shortstop out there, and at that point I probably would have waited towards the end to just see what was left out there.  

Tomorrow, we go over the contenders now that we're done with these pretenders.


P.S. Sad about the Bulls losing to the Sixers? This may be a few days old, but it will cheer you up.

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