Monday, June 24, 2013

Franklin & Bash Season 3, Episodes 1-2 Notes

So I have had these notes from the first two episodes of Franklin and Bash with the plan of turning into a well thought out post about the show. Instead, I'm just going to post the notes and let you figure it out. If you watched the episodes, this should all make sense. Feel free to ask for any clarification.

Jared Franklin - Jared is an amateur magician and performs marriages.

Peter Bash - Knows that a sticky floor is just good party traction.
Pre-game pushups. This is just a wise maneuver.
Pain killers really put him out of work.

Rachel King - She owned Franklin and Bash on Piers Morgan. She takes ballet, likes zombies, and does not like partying. Discipline is what she is all about. She depends on incompetence to get the better of Franklin and Bash. Gives Damien terrible advice about exposing his masturbation video, and gives her magician friend terrible advice too. She is an awful lawyer.
She cares about veterans.

August West - He is a magician, so of course he has to get defended by Franklin and Bash.

Tim West - The angry magician brother.

Damien Karp - Has to release his masturbation tape to the world. He's got a new hair cut, and it is HAIRRIBLE. He's trying to be Bash instead of being happy with who he is.
His hair was all over the place. Like, everybody should rewatch these episodes to see all the changes. It was really blwoing my mind.

Hannah - She gone.

Stanton Infeld - He brought on a name partner with no experience at his firm. That is a total bitch move. If you want to be the boss, you gotta act like a BAWSS. This was not a BAWSS move. He takes out Bash with a touch to the pectoral, because science.
He can no longer remember his made up stories, which I guess is progress.
Infeld is still the worst.

Pindar Singh - Such a nerd. Their hotel room had a lot of bodily fluids. Burned the house down.

Carmen - Carmen makes a lot of sense. I vote for more Carmen. She used speed dating to get information for a case.

I really wish the guys could have realized that they are working for the world's most famous magician and could have just paid for the bracelet ten times over and kept this whole thing quiet.

Hot Jury Member - Franklin and Bash just kept trying to seduce this broad with their lawyering ways.

Coors Light aluminum bottles - The drink of champions.

Right Boob Signatures - It is the preference of classy ladies.

Hot Tubs - RIP. They went from hot tubs being a central part of the show to only being used once last season, to now no longer having a hot tub.

Natalya - Ukranian broad.

Blue Moon - Because Franklin and Bash will not drink real beers this season.

Charlie - Hot blonde with a sexy Australian accent.

Don French - War veteran, tire slasher, overall badass. I just felt bad for him, because he had to have his celebratory party at the new house, so he didn't get to experience the magic of the hot tub.

Judge Maxwell Nunis - Loves Franklin and Bash. He tries to be zany too, but he could definitely use some work on his eccentricity. - Great place to get sweet vehicles.


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