Sunday, September 8, 2013

8 Hawkeyes Football Thoughts For Week 2

1. I'm a terrible football fan. I love it, so, so much, but sometimes my priorities get messed up, and I don't watch nearly as much as I should. Opening weekend, I missed my beloved Hawkeyes because of my bachelor party in Austin, Texas. The only bars that had the game were somehow unable to be competent enough to serve us beers, so we had to make due and watch normal football games.

This week, I had to do some wedding planning stuff in the morning, and then brought my fiancee some lunch. No big deal as I was smart enough to DVR the game. I left the TV on for the dog and carefully changed the channel without looking at the score. I then went to my DVR menu, and although it said that the game was recording on my cable box, it was nowhere to be found on the menu. Perfect. So, all I saw was the last minute of the first half, but I did get to see the second half.

2. Iowa got stopped at the 1.5 yard line after the crowd begged the coaching staff to go for it. They then started booing when they were stopped. THAT'S NOT HOW THIS WORKS. If they do what you want and don't succeed, you shrug your shoulders. And don't give me any crap that you had a better play selected. Yes, maybe a pass would have worked, but if they would have thrown an incomplete, you would've been pissed that they didn't pound Weisman into the end zone.

3. I'm an old school football fan. When I play video games, I basically play like the Iowa Hawkeyes. I try to pound the ball with my running game and only pass when I have to. On defense, I run basic zone coverages with four man rushes. I do use 3 man fronts a little bit more, so I can surprise the offense with where I'm sending that fourth guy. This is a long way of saying that I loved the second drive where they just ran the ball down Missouri State's throat until they got in the end zone.

4. Greg Davis's offense is growing on me, as he starts to grow into it. The thing about his offense is not that he needs fast receivers, he needs quick receivers. Finding quick receivers is much easier than fast receivers, and those quick screens are really just designed to get 5-7 yards, which is definitely possible with some guys with a little bit of elusiveness.

5. I saw limited runs from Daniels. I like his vision as he seems to make good decisions and efficient cuts. I would say he finishes a little high at the end of his runs, but I really like what I see.

6. I also just like the different looks that they get from their four running backs. I would not feel bad about any four of them being the primary ball carrier, although I think Weisman is best suited for this offense. Also, Iowa was basically unstoppable running to the left. That side of the line was just clearing guys out.

7. So the back to back plays where Missouri State scored, I really do not have an issue with either one. The first one, a true Freshman, Desmond King, was trying to make a play. He bit on the pump fake, and they made him pay. That's obviously not good, but it's tough to get real upset about it.

The second one was kind of a fluke. Did Rudock get tricked? Yes, but it was mostly caused because the linebacker slipped right as the play started. When Rudock looked over and saw that, it should be pitch and catch at that point, but the guy recovered, dropped into coverage and made a play. This Iowa offense is built around quick reads, so plays like that are going to happen.

8. The Hawkeyes won. It wasn't pretty, but if Iowa can run effectively, continue to stop the run, and tighten up things in the secondary, they could actually be pretty decent. And by pretty decent, I mean 12-1 before facing Alabama in the National Title game. 

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