Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Captain Mike Rotunda

Captain Mike Rotunda is one of my favorite discoveries on the WWE Network. I was just cruising through some early 90s WCW, and all of a sudden, Captain Mike Rotunda was no longer the Captain of the Syracuse wrestling team. He just up and became a boat captain. And it was clear that WCW told him to buy his own boat clothes, because it basically reminded me of Dr. Steve Brule and his fascination with broats.

The image at the top is the only real-life photo I can find, and he is unfortunately not wearing his captain's hat in the image. Still, I was also able to find this t-shirt which I want more than just about anything.
That is glorious.

Anyway, a year or so later, he went to the WWE and became IRS, which will always be his best known gimmick. But Captain Mike Rotunda is undoubtedly his best gimmick.

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