Thursday, June 4, 2015

Comparing "The Model" Rick Martel and Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze is one of the most consistently entertaining parts of NXT, and that's saying something considering that NXT is super entertaining week in and week out. The easiest comparison is to Derek Zoolander as he sometimes slips into the accent and personality of Zoolander a little too much for his model gimmick. Still, I think it is far more interesting to look at the original male model of the WWE, "The Model" Rick Martel. I will do this by looking at charisma and in-ring ability, but since these men are models, it is only fair to also judge their overall presentation.

NXT does a great job of developing characters, and Tyler Breeze is no exception, as he, much like his predecessor, is disgusted by uggos.

It's subtle, but it's wonderful. This is a man who hates playing games, and you could literally say anything to Breeze and he would come back with a lightning quick rebuttal. Still, he is still refining his character, so it can get a little rough around the edges when he goes too far into Zoolander mode.

Meanwhile, Rick Martel was not just a run-of-the-mill model. The man had his own cologne, which is really tough to beat.

Not only does he imply that using Arrogance for Men works like Viagra and will help you make love to members of the royal family, but he also nails it with the line of, "Put the brakes on the mundane, and accelerate into the fast lane." Why the Fast and Furious franchise has not ever used that line is beyond me.
Advantage: Rick Martel

In the Ring
Outside of Mojo Rawley, basically every wrestler today is better than the guys from 20 years ago. That being said, Breeze has been involved in some great matches down on NXT, and although Martel had some solid matches with Jake Roberts, he never really stood out. He was solid, but Breeze is already good and could become better.
Advantage: Tyler Breeze

This is really what gives Breeze the true edge. Tyler Breeze is in good shape and has very flashy clothing. Rick Martel had what amounted to flashy clothing back in the day, as he had pink and purple trunks, which is about as flashy as the 90s got. Unfortunately, Martel let himself go and looked out of shape towards the end of his WWE run. Unless, he was planning a gimmick change to "The Hand Model" Rick Martel, he simply can't compete with the gorgeous one.
Advantage: Tyler Breeze

Although it's close, this is a case of the new improving on the old. The original model, Rick Martel, flashed brilliance, but Tyler Breeze's career outlook appears to be simply gorgeous.

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