Saturday, April 29, 2017

Why the Chicago Bears Traded So Much for Mitchell Trubisky

The Chicago Bears gave up a lot to move up one spot in the draft. All Bears fans lost their shit, and admittedly, I wasn't too happy about the trade either. Then they shocked the world even more and drafted Mitchell Trubisky from North Carolina, hoping to finally solve their quarterback issues. Again, Bears fans erupted in anger, but that part isn't as big of a deal, because most Bears fans are morons (this goes for most football fans in general) and have likely never even seen Trubisky play. I'm never going to stop singing Trubisky's praises, but even I'm still having trouble justifying the Bears aggressive trade to move up just one spot.

Let's get the biggest problem out of the way. The Bears were negotiating from a position of weakness. In their minds, they NEEDED Trubisky, and my guess is that the Bears are as high on him as I am, so I totally get it. Their only thought was, "We can't miss out on this guy." Anytime you have that thought, you aren't going to win the trade on value, and there is no way to say that the Bears got more draft value than the 49ers.

The Bears got their guy, and that has not been a trend in recent years. In 2015, the Bears drafted seventh and were in desperate need for a defensive lineman. Things were working out perfectly as Leonard Williams was falling on down to them, and then at pick number six, the Jets took him. The Bears then drafted Kevin White who has played about as many snaps in the NFL as me over the last two years.

The year before that was even worse. The Bears picked 14th and a stud defensive tackle kept dropping down in the draft. The Bears held their ground, and sure enough, the Rams selected Aaron Donald at 13, one pick before the Bears. They then took Kyle Fuller who, let's be nice, is a cornerback who plays in the NFL. He is not Aaron Donald.

In both of those cases, the Bears have to look back and think, "Man, I really wish we would have overpaid to get those guys." Sometimes you gamble and win. Sometimes you gamble and lose. The Bears may have gambled by trading that much to get their guy, but they got their guy. If he turns out to be a top notch quarterback, then the combination of Solomon Thomas, a third, a fourth, and 2018 third won't equal the value of Trubisky.

The 49ers may have gotten better draft pick value, but that misses the point, the Bears got their guy. If he turns out to be what the Bears think he can be, there is no way to overpay on that.


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