Friday, April 28, 2017

What the Chicago Bears Should Do on Day 2 of the 2017 NFL Draft

Nobody was talked about more than the Chicago Bears last night as they shocked the world and traded up to take Mitchell Trubisky to fill their quarterback need. I thought they gave up a bit too much draft capital to do it, but they at least did it for the right guy. I LOVE Trubisky, and most of the hate came for two reasons: 1. They never saw him play and just thought he sucked, because they have been told by the media that he isn't worthy of a high first round pick. 2. They are overly concerned that he didn't start enough games in college. The first group are just morons; no need to focus on that. For the latter group, I understand the concern, but I think it says far more about the coaching staff at UNC than it does about Trubisky. I wanted to hate Trubisky, but he's got everything I value in a quarterback prospect. Because of that, it was still a great night for the Bears.

Now, for some quick analysis of what the Bears should do on day two. This is important, because they actually listened to me on my advice for their first pick. 

5. Desmond King - Defensive Back - Iowa
Obligatory Iowa advice. But seriously, King is a football player who makes plays. The Bears need all of the help in the secondary, and King is a guy who could fit in a variety of ways. I still think he's a cornerback, but even if you had to make him a safety, he has the instincts to make big time plays.

4. Kevin King - Cornerback - Washington
Dude is a freak of an athlete. Still could use a whole lot of polish at the cornerback position, but the raw materials are there for him to become a stud.

3. Malik McDowell - Defensive End - Michigan State
The Bears still need a defensive end since they passed on Solomon Thomas to fill their quarterback need. This guy is a polarizing prospect, because his production definitely doesn't match his talent, but many blame that more on the scheme of Michigan State as opposed to anything wrong with McDowell. It's a high ceiling, low floor pick, but the Bears don't seem to be afraid to take chances.

2. Cam Robinson - Offensive Tackle - Alabama
I can't believe a three-year starter at the best program in the nation slipped to the second round, but it would be incredibly difficult for the Bears to pass up on Robinson if he is sitting there when they pick. I think this is a guy who gets picked apart because of too much tape on him, but he has all of the tools to be Pro Bowl offensive tackle.

1. Trade Down
It's the least sexy option, but it may be the best moving forward. If they're not in love with one of the guys at the top of round two, maybe trading down, picking up a third and / or fourth rounder might be the prudent choice. The Bears have a lot of holes on this team, so accumulating talent has to be one of their big goals to come out of this draft. And the best news is that they could probably still draft Desmond King and make my dreams come true.

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