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Live Blogging the 2011 NFL Draft - Day 2


If you haven't already, I recommend checking out my day one blog of the draft, as there is a lot of great information as well as amusing pictures and videos that have nothing to do with the draft.

10:10 AM
Yesterday was a momentous occasion as the Bears actually did better than I thought was realistically possible by drafting Gabe Carimi (and not trading up to do it). He was the top offensive tackle in my opinion, so to get him at 29 is an impressive haul for the Bears.

One thing that has been irritating me has been analysts claiming that the Detroit Lions will be tough to run on with Ndamukong ( I spelled that right before looking it up...I have problems) Suh and Nick Fairley in the middle. Suh is a beast against both the run and pass, but Fairley is not. He is a pass rushing defensive tackle as he is always looking for penetration. That's great to get after the quarterback, but it is going to be very easy for offensive linemen to steer him out of the play and open up some big holes for their running back. This is something that he can improve on, but he is not a run stopping defensive tackle.

In other news, Dick Jauron is building the 2002 Chicago Bears defense again, and that team will stop the run. With Shaun Rogers and Phil Taylor in the middle, it is going to be very tough to find holes in the middle of the line. This is the same strategy that the Bears used back in 2002 that helped Urlacher fly around behind Ted Washington and Sam Adams to shut down teams on defense.

12:25 PM
Well, the trade that never was between the Bears and Ravens may still bite the Bears in the ass. The Ravens want that fourth round pick (and they probably deserve it by the way Jerry Angelo has sounded), but the Bears better not give up that fourth round pick. The Bears need players, and they should be able to get something solid at the end of the fourth round. Using my fellatio analogy, this would be like your girlfriend finally doing a great job, but after you finish, you look down and realize it was a dude giving it to you the entire time. With that being said, it was still a great pick, but I'm certainly not going to brag about it.

I can't believe that nobody has brought up how lucky Derek Lowe is. Yes, he got busted for a DUI while racing down the street, but with Fast Five opening today, there's a good chance he was racing Vin Diesel.
And I'd way rather have a ticket than lose my car in a race for pink slips.

Since more Seahawks coverage has been requested for this blog, I would just like to say that I am happy that the Seahawks took James Carpenter in the first round yesterday, because it left a superior lineman in Gabe Carimi available for the Bears. Suck on that Seattleites.

I have been high on Brooks Reed for a while, so I'm happy with this pick for the Texans. The guy is quick, and he has a nonstop motor. I would rather have him than Ryan Kerrigan as a 3-4 OLB.

My Bears wish list goes as follows:
1. Stephen Paea - DT - Oregon State
2. Drake Nevis - DT - LSU
3. Marvin Austin - DT - North Carolina
4. Panic.

I hate how lazy analysts say that Lance Kendricks isn't capable of blocking as a tight end. I realize he is undersized, so he's not Brandon Manumaleuna when blocking, but he is a guy who uses good technique and can drive linebackers to open up holes for running backs. I'm a huge Kendricks fan.
Also, I really like Wisniewski, a very technically sound blocker with a good bloodline.

Between Clayborn's Erb's Palsy and Bowers's tricky knee, Tampa Bay clearly doesn't give two shits about your fancy medical jargon. Although I wasn't high on Bowers, this is great value to get him at 51.

I want the Bears to select Stephen Paea - DT - Oregon State. Come on Bears, don't let me down.

I'm overwhelmed with joy as the Bears have taken the two guys I most wanted in these first two rounds. No word on what they had to give up to move up, but I absolutely love it if they just gave up the fourth rounder that they almost traded yesterday. Bravo Chicago Bears, bravo.

The Detroit Lions terrify me. LeShoure is a beast. He runs hard and fights on every down. Teams loaded up the box against Illinois to try to stop him and he still dominated just about every game. This is a great pick from the Lions.

Not ready to rate the guys right now, but here are the guys I would like the Bears to target at the end of Round 3.
Stephen Schilling - G - Michigan
John Moffitt - G - Wisconsin
Drake Nevis - DT - LSU
Martez Wilson - OLB - Illinois
Curtis Marsh - CB - Utah State

The Saints are clearly reading this blog, as they just took Martez Wilson.

Since the other four guys on my list are gone, I want the Bears to select Stephen Schilling - G- Michigan.

Bears go with Chris Conte - S - California. I'm disappointed. I would have loved to see Curtis Marsh drop to this spot if they were going with a defensive back. Otherwise, I would have rather seen them wait until a later round to go that route. I really liked Schilling, and just don't think he had much of an opportunity to shine in Michigan's offense. He's a guy you want in the trenches, but will probably not fall until the end of the fifth round.

So, let's go into some picks I really liked.
I'm pissed that the Colts got Drake Nevis, as he's a great fit for their system and always hustles. He's just nonstop and plays with a mean streak, which is basically the most endearing term I can use to describe a prospect.
The reason I loved Curtis Marsh out of Utah State is that he's got a big body and has only played the position for two years. Despite that, he was able to matchup well with both Austin Pettis and Titus Young when they played against Utah State.


P.S. I have always been somebody who doubted Kenny Florian as a fighter, but I am on the Ken-Flo bandwagon as this article that he wrote is absolutely hilarious.

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