Saturday, April 30, 2011

Live Blogging The 2011 NFL Draft - Day 3


9:40 AM
It's time to get this party started. My brother and I have decided to bet on where Ricky Stanzi would end up in the draft. Here are our picks.
Brother: Raiders, Eagles, Cardinals, Redskins
Me: Ravens, Dolphins, Colts, Chiefs

Let the Stanzi lottery begin.

Some believe that the Seahawks could be interested in Ricky Stanzi. I think this would be a rare occasion of a player refusing to play for a team. Since he loves America so much, Ricky obviously hates hippies, so he's certainly not going to go to a place where he'd have to play for one.

I know this is blasphemy as an Iowa fan, and treason as an American, but I have Greg McElroy rated higher than Ricky Stanzi. Stanzi's ball really flutters when going deep, and I thought that McElroy had more velocity on his passes, and is a guy you can win with in the NFL. He's going to be a steal.

I like the Bengals pick of Clint Boling of Georgia. It was really a toss-up for me on whether I would take him or Stephen Schilling at the end of round three for the Bears. I took Schilling since I had more familiarity with him, but I think Boling should be a good pro.

I am glad that Christian Ballard is off the board, but I would have rather seen him in a 3-4 scheme as opposed to a 4-3. I expect them to keep him outside for the most part while utilizing him as a defensive tackle on pass rushing downs. Even though he didn't have the stats during his college career, anybody who watched the Hawkeyes can appreciate the versatility he displayed to help out the team.

12:20 PM
The Eagles with the first shocker of the draft. Casey Matthews? Hell no, Alex Henery. Although many people thought that the Saints drafting Mark Ingram meant the end of the Reggie Bush era (including Reggie himself), those two have completely different roles for an offense. I'm pretty sure that David Akers will not be an Eagle this coming year, because Alex Henery is like the nWo...he's taking over.

I was hoping Davon House would fall to the Bears in the fifth, but the Packers just took him at the end of the fourth. I hate the Packers.

Ricky Stanzi is a Chief. It's a good fit for him, and since I'm not a believer in Matt Cassel, I think he will be starting at some point sooner rather than later. Also, bravo to me for predicting the Chiefs as one of my four teams that could potentially draft Stanzi. Good luck to a man who loves America more than you love your own mother.

Guys I am hoping fall to the Bears.
First off is Stephen Schilling who would have been my pick at the end of round three. This guy may not be a pro bowler, but he's going to be a quality pro, which is what the Bears need in the middle.
Greg Romeus - DE - Pittsburgh - Disappointing last year, but was looked at as a first rounder after his 2009 season. He could be a real steal.
Greg Jones - LB - Michigan State - All the guy does is make plays.
Greg McElroy - QB - Alabama - I love McElroy, and according to this list, I love guys named Greg. But this may be the time to get a real QB for the Bears.
Kendric Burney - CB - North Carolina - Undersized, but does a good job of reacting to the ball. in the air.

Karl Klug just got drafted to the Titans. The guy has a nonstop motor, and that's always going to be a good type of pick in the fifth round of the draft.

There's a ton of talent out there for the Bears. In my shadow draft, I took Stephen Schilling in the third round, so I guess I would still like to see the Bears take him. It would help shore up the offensive line and makes a ton of sense for them.
In my Shadow Draft, I am taking one of my loves in this draft, QB Greg McElroy, out of Alabama. Welcome aboard to my fantasy Bears, Greg.

God damnit Bears. Of course you draft a QB, and it's one that I had absolutely zero interest in. Even in his house, he had that stupid lost look that Jay Cutler always has. At least the Bears had two good picks in thsi draft, but I suppose it is time for everything else to suck.

I just talked to my Idaho expert friend (wait, you don't have a friend who is an Idaho expert?), and he has talked me off the ledge when it comes to Enderle. He is predicting instant Super Bowl for the Bears, so he may be slightly optimistic, but him and Hanie can definitely battle for my favorite Bears QB in 2011.

For guys I'm hoping the Bears can get, the list can be found at 1:15, minus Greg Jones.
Since I need to add a guy, it's time for another guy that I absolutely love, Jef Maehl- WR - Oregon.

Real Bears, I'm hoping they take Stephen Schilling still.
My Bears, I want Jeff Maehl from Oregon. He always found a way to get open and make big plays. Somehow none of that matters, because he didn't look impressive with his shirt off and put up poor combine numbers. I don't care about those things, so I would be ecstatic to get him at this portion of the draft.

If they were going to go with a linebacker, I would have rather seen them go with Mark Herzlich. Not because I care about his cancer story (although it's a nice story), but because he has a lot of potential since he has shown that he can dominate football games before he had to go through chemotherapy. This was still a recovery year, much like a player coming off a torn ACL, he simply wasn't back to full speed. Cancer is much more serious than a knee injury, but at the end of round six, that's a chance I'd be willing to take a chance on.

Tyler Sash is a very good pick for the Giants at the end of round six. Also, he was drafted at 198, the same pick as Matt Bowen, who was selected one pick before Tom Brady.

Sorry Mark Sanchez, your days as a starting quarterback are numbered. War McElroy.


P.S. As someone who worked in sports, this video is both hilarious and tragically accurate.

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