Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chael Sonnen Will Beat Anderson Silva

The biggest fight in the UFC for this year is happening on Saturday when Anderson Silva defends his title against Chael Sonnen. The trash talk may be overshadowing the fact that this should be an awesome fight. Although many people rave about the first fight, it was really more shocking than great. Watching Chael Sonnen beat up Anderson Silva for 23 minutes was fun, but it was really just watching a better fighter beat up on somebody who wasn't on his level. I was one of the few people who believed Chael would beat Silva in their first fight, and my opinion is unchanged. Chael Sonnen will be crowned the Middleweight Champion on Saturday night.

Anderson Silva is a great fighter. There is no denying that. He has beaten everybody that has been put in front of him since he got to the UFC. Chael Sonnen's resume does not match up to Anderson Silva's. Looking at this matchup on paper, Anderson Silva will definitely win. However, this ain't no paper fight, and Chael Sonnen will beat Anderson Silva. He might even make it look easy.

I was born and raised in Iowa. That fact alone makes me a better wrestler than most. When I came out of the womb and the doctor was trying to cut the umbilical cord, I put him in a whizzer, because I thought he was going after my whizzer. Chael's not from Iowa, but a little thing like wrestling on the US Olympic team gives him honorary Iowan status. Wrestling is the martial art of the USA, and it's really effective against people who don't know how to defend it.

Anderson Silva is a poor wrestler. He is training down in Brazil which just shows that he is not taking this fight seriously. You know who's a good wrestler out of Brazil? Nobody; they all suck. They think a double leg is a style of pants. If he was serious about being the best he could be, he would train in the US, where he could train against wrestlers. 

Some would say that his jiu jitsu is so great that he can be taken down in the fight and still win. Although it did work out in the first fight, if he was that good, he wouldn't have let Sonnen beat him up for four and a half rounds. He went for the same move for the entire fight, and the triangle is definitely his go-to maneuver in a fight. He telegraphs what he wants to do, although I think he is very good at maneuvering his way into getting what he wants, even if he isn't sneaky about it. I really don't think Sonnen has to worry about being swept, because Silva has never shown great aptitude with leverage.

So then we have the people who believe Silva will be better in this fight, because he is 100% for it. But what documentation of an injury do we have outside of Anderson saying he had a hurt rib? A hurt rib is not an injury, it's some pain in your torso. I once bruised my rib while I was training in MMA. It hurt like hell. I told my coach about it, and he looked at me like I was the biggest pussy in the world. He was right; I am a giant pussy, but I still never took a day off, and after my coach made me realize what a pussy I was being, I never made another peep about it. Anderson Silva has been talking about his hurt rib for two years.

I understand that Chael Sonnen rubs some people the wrong way. I think he is awesome, personally, but even with my bias thrown out the window, it is really tough to make the argument that this guy is an asshole. Yes, he has talked a lot of trash about Anderson Silva, but he has also had matches with Brian Stann and Michael Bisping between his last fight with Silva. He had nothing but nice things to say about Stann, which is pretty easy, because Brian Stann is an American hero who is a really nice guy who does great things for veterans. Also, everybody hates Michael Bisping, and Sonnen still did not go out of his way to talk trash. He just hates Anderson Silva. That doesn't make him an asshole, that makes him human. We all have those people that we just don't like; it's just that Chael is open and honest about it.

Also, Chael Sonnen is a really good fighter. He's the best wrestler in the middleweight division, and his striking is very underrated. Honestly, it is tough to come up with a guy who can beat him, because Anderson Silva ain't that guy. Get ready for the greatest fighter in the Middleweight division to take his title, and don't expect him to give up that title anytime soon. Long live the title reign of Chael Sonnen.


  1. "Anderson Silva is a poor wrestler. He is training down in Brazil which just shows that he is not taking this fight seriously. You know who's a good wrestler out of Brazil? Nobody; they all suck. They think a double leg is a style of pants. If he was serious about being the best he could be, he would train in the US, where he could train against wrestlers. "

    Since Silva won, that means US sucks and Brazil is top? The ""POOR WRESTLER"" Silva? Sonnen was totally destroyed by Silva, and Silva will beat the hell out every one who comes at him. Especially north americans pussy figthers.

    Long live the title reign of Chael Sonnen, king of losers who talks too much.

  2. I stand by everything I wrote.

    Brazil still sucks at wrestling. Had Anderson not cheated by grabbing Chael's shorts, he would have been taken down again and pounded on just like he was in the first round. Anderson Silva is still a poor wrestler; he just learned to cheat better.

    With that being said, after he cheated, bravo on his striking. He did what he needed to do to win the fight.

    Anderson Silva is a great fighter, but I still like Sonnen a hell of a lot more than him.

    1. Yeah, you must be right...

      Certainly the guy who lost 2 times must be the strongest. Did you see Sonnen bitchin about this grab on his shorts? No? That becuse REAL man dont make up excuses, they work hard and grow strong to achieve their goals. Sonnen have guts and the will but Silva suprass him by far.

      Now he has to put his ass on training to get a new chance to fight against the champion.

    2. Thinking that Sonnen is better than Silva, doesn't make him really best.
      It's your opinion. Brazilians doesn't have to rock at wrestling to win fights... I agree with you that Sonnen has an astonishing wrestling and ground pound. But Silva's strike power and flee largely overcomes Sonnen's awesome wrestling. That, sir, has been proven. No arguments left for you, mr. prophet!

    3. I will agree that Anderson Silva's striking makes people panic and do dumb things. He is the greatest standup fighter in MMA history. The shorts grab definitely helped Silva in the second round, but at the same time, I cannot say that Silva would not have caught Sonnen later in the fight.