Thursday, October 18, 2012

Don't Post Your Political Views On Facebook

So it's election season, and that is obviously a very important thing for the country. Some people are for one guy, some people are for the other, while others are for Ron Paul. It really doesn't matter to me who you support as long as you do not post your opinions on Facebook. There is no way to post your thoughts without coming across as an ignorant piece of shit.

Facebook always pisses me off, because statuses of Facebook friends are a collection of the dumbest shit you will see on the internet. I rarely follow people I know on Twitter, because I have to be drunk around most of my friends to enjoy them, where genuinely intelligent people, I can enjoy at any time. I do not blame the people I know for this, as some of my Tweets and Facebook statuses are boring as well. I've probably tweeted "IOWA!" and where most people would think that was about a sporting event, it was probably just me having some really good corn on the cob.

This is usually not a problem, because it is harmlessly worthless comments. But when politics get involved, it centralizes everything I hate in the world and puts it in a sentence or two. A reasonable status is very rare, because people don't feel the need to post rational ideas about politics. They only post if they feel very strongly about things. Whether it's "Way to kick his ass, Obama," or "Romney has a PLAN," or "There he goes again, avoiding the issues," it doesn't matter, because they all would have been better kept in your brain as opposed to typed out on a keyboard. Just about everybody expands on the samples that I provided, but the longer your post is, the more it comes across as a person who is retarded but thinks they're doing a really good job of hiding it.

Even a reasonable status pisses me off. Seeing something like, "Doesn't matter who wins, because we're in America, land of the free," and that gets 50 likes, because if you don't like a status that is pro-America, you are probably a terrorist. It shouldn't take an election to make you realize that your life is pretty sweet here in the USA, Ricky Stanzi reported on that like three years ago.

Yet, there I am, going into Facebook and reading this crap. All it does is build the rage up inside of me, and that is valuable hate that I could be using for sports instead of stupidity. I can't help it. I'm basically like a slow child, I put my hand in the fire, realizes it burns, takes my hand away, only to put it right back in the fire to see what happens this time. Yep, same results, people are fucking retarded.

Trust me, you do not have anything important to say when it comes to politics. There should not be any audience for your thoughts, because they are stupid. So...painfully stupid.

So, please, the next time you have a thought about politics, don't go to your computer. If you're at your computer, don't start typing out that thought. If you start typing out that thought, please, for the love of God, do not hit send. And if you hit send, at least clean out your diaper when you're done before you go back to chewing on that chair leg.

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