Monday, August 19, 2013

What the WWE Should Do With Daniel Bryan

Okay, so here is my dream angle for Daniel Bryan:

Bryan continues to shoot promos on Raw, and the McMahons continue to have security to escort him out of the building. After three or four weeks, they kick him out when Antonio Cesaro and Sami Zayn come out and beat up the security guards. Cesaro is a bad guy right now, but he can explain, "This isn't about a gimmick, this is about wrestling." This is when I get fully hard, because that would totally be awesome. The angle can go in one or two ways at this point.

1. These guys just start hauling ass on people, because they are as good or better wrestlers than anybody in the WWE. They eventually face off against a team of Orton, Del Rio, and Triple H. The wrestlers are about to win when all of a sudden, Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta hits. The Shield comes strutting down the stairs. They get to the ring, Dean Ambrose takes the mic and says, "We fight for injustice. We have no beef with you guys. As you were," and the wrestlers put on some sick ass finishing move to win the match. That would be totally awesome.

2. Instead of fighting the guys the WWE loves, they have matches with each other. They bring in guys like Tyson Kidd, Kassius Ohno, and some other NXT guys and just have awesome wrestling matches. Instead of them proving themselves to the other WWE wrestlers, the other WWE wrestlers start proving themselves to the wrestlers. Dolph Ziggler starts wrestling against them. The Shield has matches against them. Hell, eventually, they could invent their own title, and this could anger Randy Orton so much that he challenges their champion to unify the belts. This would also be totally awesome.

Full disclosure: I'm just looking for an awesome way to get Antonio Cesaro a push.

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