Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Suits Power Rankings - Stay

Okay, so here's the story: The last Suits was during the week leading up to my wedding. I snuck in a late night viewing of the episode and took notes. But I never actually formed my notes into meaningful sentences. Now it's six weeks later, and I have a lot of things that make no sense. Still, maybe you can make sense of these ramblings. I tried to rank people, but it was based on very limited information. For the previous week's coherent rankings, click here. Now onto the ramblings:

1. Louis Marlo Litt - Louis is using his main squeeze to find top notch candidates, but seeing himself in his LARP gear gets him all boned up. Still, a 77 minute break is long enough, he's got to get to work. Louis slays so much tang that he doesn't even realize when ladies fall in love. Then Louis finds out that Mike Ross never went to Harvard. CLIFFHANGER!

2. Harvey Specter - Harvey is trying to do the right thing, but he is also trying to help out Scotty. He hates Tanner, so he gives him a good zinger about never winning against him. Harvey loves zingers, both the quick wit ones and the delicious Hostess treats. Harvey also finds out that Scotty was engaged while he was giving her the business. Whoopsies. He's a smooth talkin' son of a gun. That's how he not only wins over Ava to win the case, but he also wins Scotty's heart without ever telling her that he loved her. All he had to say is, "I want you in my life." I have Facebook friends that I haven't said a word to in years that are technically in my life. Don't hate the game.

3. Jessica Pearson - She knows they have no chance to win against Ava Hessington's lawsuit. But she is also involving herself in Mike and Rachel's relationship, because A) she loves office gossip, and B) She realizes that Mike sharing his secret with Robert Zane's daughter could bury her firm, and that shit don't fly with her.

4. Dana Scott - Scotty gets Harvey to help her out on the Ava Hessington case. She also isn't going to take any shit from Tanner.

5. Sheila Sass - Created an app to help Louis find the best candidates, but that's just so she can get the business. She didn't get a kiss goodbye from him, so she decided to break Louis. Then they make up and make love.

6. Mike Ross - Mike is very broken up about Rachel thinking about Stanford. Mike goes to Harvey for love advice, but luckily ignores everything he hears.

7. Rachel Zane - Rachel needs to spread her wings.

8. Donna Paulsen - Gives up the goods on Mike and Rachel's relationship to Jessica. What a boner. Then she makes up for it by tricking Huntley into confessing to his lies.

9. Ava Hessington - Ava is going after Harvey with full force.

10. Stephen Huntley - Signed an affidavit to bury Scotty. He's lying, but the guy is up for murder, so lying is the least of his worries. He fell for some Franklin and Bash shenanigans, because everyone is the worst lawyer ever.

11. Travis Tanner - Tanner is back on the case to try to beat Harvey. Tanner is the king of gossip, so he knows everybody's business. Tanner gives ladies a special drink to try to get them to turn on old flames. It never works, but it's his go-to. 

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