Tuesday, October 20, 2015

It Feels Good To Be An Idiot

I'm not a big fan of thinking. If I'm not doing anything, I get anxious, and I can get into my own head with simply overthinking everything in my life. I basically need to be constantly doing something for happiness. Although I prefer to be active physically, something as simple of a process as reading and writing is enough. If my brain is working, that's good, if it's thinking, that's bad.

I think that is why training in mixed martial arts has been such a good feeling for me. It's a sport based on action and reaction, and if you're thinking, you're probably losing. It's a high to get to turn off my brain for 60-90 minutes and just get after it.

Although it is a controlled violence, training in jiu jitsu and MMA is still purposely inflicting pain on whoever you're going up against. In its simplest form, it is putting a person in enough pain for them to give up and concede defeat. That is kind of animalistic, but when training, I'm never trying to hurt anyone, but I am trying to put them in a whole mess of pain, and I expect them to want to do the same.

And logically, this is all very stupid. I'm not saying people who train for fun are stupid, but I am saying that the act of training for fun is an inherently stupid activity. It is dumb to go through pain When I am training, I am an idiot. As I let my instincts take over, my brain takes a back seat, and that's good. I laugh at stupid jokes and don't really worry about anything. Through it all, I can temporarily attain an almost childlike presence of mind.

And ultimately, a person can find peace in the constant transition between offense and defense of pain. Not thinking, and just doing, doing, doing until practice is over leaves me in a state of euphoria. Letting my mind become so slow and stupid is a super pleasant experience.

All of this is just a long-winded way of saying, "Thinking sucks; be an idiot instead."

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