Thursday, August 4, 2016

I'm So Happy Jobbers Are Back in the WWE

Pro wrestling is one of the greatest and most awful things on television. Like, this entire season of Lucha Underground should be enough to make anyone a wrestling fan. And then a 30 minute soliloquy by a McMahon is enough to just wish that you never got involved in the stuff. Still, the good outweighs the bad, and that is why I continue to watch each and every damn week. But the WWE is bringing back something near and dear to my heart: Jobbers.

I love jobbers. I grew up with jobbers. Jobbers are one of the most important aspects of pro wrestling, and I'm so glad they are back. Jobbers are a great way to make people look dominant. In the kayfabe world, WWE wrestlers are better than 99% of anyone else who wrestles. If that's the case, then it would make sense that it would be very rare for anyone to look dominant, as they are only going up against the absolute best in the world. Even Heath Slater should be seen as someone who could go down and dominate anywhere else. But since he only goes up against the best, he is never able to show that, and even top guys struggle, because they are only facing top guys.

That's where jobbers come in. You bring in a jobber and you can actually build someone as a dominant force without making anybody important look bad. Jobbers are totally unimportant, and they are completely interchangeable. Every town can have a couple go-to jobbers to get dominated. And how awesome is that? Like, a guy who can't even sniff a second-tier organization like Ring of Honor gets a chance to be on WWE television. Look at how great this must have been for this jobber.

That is a win-win situation. Jobber gets a great opportunity for one night in the WWE, and Braun Strowman gets to look like The Mountain on Game of Thrones. 

So WWE, I ask of you, neigh, I beg of you. Please keep at least 1-2 jobber matches every week. Yes, I know they are the worst, but that is what makes them the best.

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