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The 45 Most Important Players to the Chicago Bulls Dynasty - #38 Joe Courtney

Joe Courtney
Joe Courtney was never a guy who would wow anyone with his statistics. Even in college at Southern Mississippi, his senior year only led him to scoring 8.6 points with 5.3 rebounds per game. But what he lacks in per game stats, he more than makes up for it with the fact that he has played for a lot of different basketball teams. I mean A LOT of different basketball teams. I was going to write them out, but that seemed like an incredible pain, so here it is from Wikipedia:

1992–1993Sioux Falls Skyforce
1993Rockford Lightning
1993Chicago Bulls
1993Golden State Warriors
1993–1994Phoenix Suns
1994Milwaukee Bucks
1994–1995Mexico City Aztecas
1995Cholet Basket
1995Rockford Lightning
1995–1996Cleveland Cavaliers
1996–1997Quad City Thunder
1997Philadelphia 76ers
1997La Crosse Bobcats
1997San Antonio Spurs
1997Fórum Valladolid
1997–1998Rockford Lightning
1998Idaho Stampede
1998–1999NKK SeaHawks
1999Cincinnati Stuff
1999–2000Panteras de Miranda
2000–2001Idaho Stampede
2001Krka Novo Mesto
I counted 22 stints with 20 different teams. And that doesn't even mention that he went to two schools for college. Joe Courtney got around.

Like many of the early names on this list, Courtney was signed for the 1992 preseason before being released before the season began. But he showed enough for the Bulls to bring him back in January of 1993 and signed him to a ten day contract.

He actually ended up getting two ten-day contracts. Why did the Bulls give him that extension? Well, it probably had something to do with this:
Courtney would end up playing five games for the Bulls over that 20-day stretch, and he was pretty solid, accumulating 34 minutes of action, accumulating 11 points, 2 rebounds, 2 steals, an assist, and a block. He also managed 9 fouls, but at least he made an impact.

Unfortunately, the Bulls were done with him after those 20 days as the Bulls decided not to keep him around for the rest of the season. But things worked out well for Joe. First off, you should definitely check out his YouTube page. Don't watch the self-help videos, but do watch that he posted every single highlight of his NBA career. It's awesome, because I would do the exact same thing if I had played in the NBA. Also, probably more importantly, he started a business in Scottsdale, AZ and even wrote a self-help book. Joe Courtney got around, but it seems like he settled into a pretty good place.

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