Wednesday, December 20, 2017

How To Make Money Online: Freelancer

Freelancer is a website that connects people who need specific creative work done with the creative types that are willing to do freelancing work. You probably could have guessed that from the name, but now that we're all on the same page, let's make this short and sweet. I've barely done jackshit on Freelancer for two reasons.

The first reason is they try to upsell you on things, and I was not committed to losing money. I am offering my service for people, so no, I am not going to invest in their made up programs to prove myself.

The second, and much larger issue, was that all of the best projects were for females only. Like, check out this description.

Project Description

I am looking for a female, African American woman who not only writes powerful Slam Poetry but also performs it will. I need a customized poem written based on an empowerment topic, which then needs to be recorded by the individual, and sent to me. It will be used for an empowering video project,
I mean, that sounds perfect for me as I should probably make a career in slam poetry. Just check this out.

Basic, B-A-S-I-C
What you can't see
Is how you're hurting me
With the twisting of my left titty
But I feel the itch
And I've got that twitch
To leave you in a ditch
So here's the sitch
You're gonna need a stitch
You basic bitch.

See? You don't need to be African American woman to slam. But alas, when will the white male finally get a break in this unfair world?

This wasn't the only great opportunity I missed out on though.

Project Description

I need someone to write me an erotica story in the fantasy department with Goddess and Demon Queen with Amazon height of 11feet tall compared to the main male character who is only 5feet 6inch
I'll join the main setup of the story with the description I WANT SERIOUS AND OPENMINDED WRITER ONLY

I could write the shit out of that erotica, especially when it comes to Amazon women making love with below average sized men. I mean, here's just a sample of what I could do.

The basketball looked like a softball in the palm of this Demon Queen. It was clear that she could post up Rebecca Lobo with ease. Brittney Griner would have been jealous of her exotic beauty. She told me, "Remove your clothes so I can see your Sue Bird." I did as I was told, and oh golly, did my Bird sing.

See? That is both serious and open-minded. But alas, this was another contest only open to females, which is dumb, because I would have name dropped at least 100 WNBA players had I been able to write it.

So my overall review is that Freelancer sucks, that is, until someone is hiring a white male to write WNBA Slam Poetry.

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