Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Suits Power Rankings - Unfinished Business

Last week, Harvey and Mike got back together, and you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. Will they or won't they? They won't; Harvey is out of Mike's league, even moreso than Rachel. Still, they teased about a new hotshot British lawyer coming in and dominating Harvey, so all I will be thinking throughout this entire episode is, "America: Love it or leave it." For last week's rankings, click here, but now onto this week.

1. Harvey Specter - Harvey gets Louis's help on Hessington Oil. He thinks that Ava is a murderer, but that doesn't matter, because all he cares about is winning. Harvey is able to negotiate $1 in bail for Ava. Of course he dated Elizabeth Hurley in 1998, her best year. He then buddies up with the new hotshot from England, because Harvey can benefit from his presence. Harvey rips Katrina a new one, because she made a funny video. This is the proper reaction, because making stupid videos is not a valuable use of company time. He has to keep her around for now, because of their deal, but she has made her a worthless cog in a machine. He wins the case with Ava despite him thinking that she was guilty. He then tells Mike of his master plan to take over the firm. Overall, everything's coming up Specter right now.

2. Stephen Huntley - He is Darby's fixer, and he's trying to merge the two sides culturally. He was a pathetic loser who dated Elizabeth Hurley in 1999. Then he finally tells Harvey that he is actually in town to help him take over the firm from Jessica. This disarms both Harvey and me, as my patriotism takes a back seat to just plain liking the guy. He then helps Harvey win back Ava, because he is just there to help. He macks on Donna by driving fancy cars and talking about theater, and his seduction skills, much like his lawyering, is on point.

3. Ava Hessington - She is recruiting Harvey to be number two, but those plans have to be put on hold while she gets charged for murder. She then wants Harvey to bribe people, because this woman solves all of her problems with bribes. I want to stand in front of her on the sidewalk; she will probably give me $10,000 just to move. But seriously, this lady is obsessed with whether people think she is a murderer, as she asks everybody repeatedly, even though everybody responds that it does not matter. Still, she gets away with murder, literally, so props to her for that.

4. Donna Paulsen - Donna forgives Rachel. Then she gets the hots for Huntley and found out he has a suite for a month, so she'll have a proper place to shag him. She acts tough on the outside, but she is feeling juicy on her insides. Nothing wrong with a lady getting herself some. Good for you, Donna.

5. Harold (Jakowski) Gunderson - His last name used to be Jakowski, but Mike now calls him Harold Gunderson. Did he get gay married? Did he get married to a lady and take her name? SO MANY QUESTIONS. Anyway, he helped set a murderer free by going behind his boss's back. That was a baller move. Still, we didn't actually get to see him. Come back, Harold.

6. Mike Ross - Mike grills Ava, and she does not like it one bit. Mike really just wants to be loved by his boss. Mike gets some good info on Cameron that gets Ava a chance at bail. Katrina made a funny video about him, and he responds by trying to photoshop a bad picture of her. That is what really killed him in these rankings, because he was incredibly strong in every other aspect of this episode. When he's not working with Adobe, he does find a way for Ava to legally bribe people, and they win the case thanks to that and calling in a favor to Harold.

7. Louis Marlo Litt - Does a masterful comparison between non-dairy creamer and Mike, because they both try to be real but are in fact fake. Louis goes to origami festivals and wants an associate to be his mentee and share those wonderful moments with. He picks Katrina, because of the funny video she sent. That is a big downgrade for him.

8. Rachel Zane - Rachel uses jokes to win back Donna, and she also smooths things over between Donna and Mike. She was involved in the photoshop fiasco, because she used a fake profile to become friends with Katrina and find a bad picture of her. Congratulations, you dodo.

9. Jessica Pearson - She messed up by insisting that Harvey take the deal, so it is pretty much her fault that Ava is charged by murder. Then she needs Harvey to look into Stephen, and he does but does not tell her the truth. She acts cocky about never losing a client, but she is currently getting played like a fiddle.

10. Cameron Dennis - Charges Ava with murder. This means that he totally owned Harvey throughout this entire case, because he set them up and it worked perfectly. He also stalks Harvey as he seems to find him anytime he has a meal at a restaurant. Finally, Harvey will win the case with bribes that Cameron can do nothing about, so it appears that he is finally done and has officially lost to Harvey. Cameron let someone get away with murder, and he is still not the lowest person on this list. That honor goes to...

11. Katrina Bennett - Katrina tries to help out Louis, but Louis shoots her down immediately. So then she tries to bring her information to Harvey, but Mike and Donna catch her and make her get the hell out of everyone's business. Poor Kat; she just wants to be accepted by the firm. When Mike won't accept her, she sends a funny video of him to the entire office. Yes, she seriously did that. Like, I am not joking, this really happened. She then uses this stupid video to become Louis's best bud, and this plan works. Ugh, she is basically The Miz, only in Suits form. Katrina is now the worst. 

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