Monday, February 12, 2018

The 2018 XFL Mock Draft - Safety

In anticipation of Vince McMahon bringing the fun back to football (more concussions, woohoo!), Lukewarm Jonah and I went back and forth to do an XFL Draft. Instead of breaking this down round by round, we are going to go by position groups.Today, we finish up with the real football players (kickers and punters still to go) with each team’s safeties.

Dwight Lowry, Shiloh Keo, Calvin Pryor, Russell Siavii

Ed Reynolds, Gerod Holliman, Taylor Mays, Tino Sabbatelli

Joe: Ed Reynolds was a stud safety at Stanford where he was not only a first-team All-American but also won the Jack Tatum award for the nation’s best defensive back. He bounced around in his few years in the league and was released by the Browns after sustaining an injury. He should be healthy for the XFL season, and at just 26 years old should be able to step in and make a difference.

Gerod Holliman has an even more impressive resume as he was an All-American, Jim Thorpe award winner and had an incredible 14 interceptions during his junior year at Louisville. On top of that, he was a big safety who knew how to lay a hit on people. But the NFL was not impressed and he is now playing in the National Arena League. Yep, not even the Arena Football League. I’m pretty sure we can pry him away from that lucrative gig to play in the XFL.

Taylor Mays is an athletic freak. Big, strong, and fast as hell. The only thing he can’t do is change directions, so hopefully that won’t be a problem in the secondary. Either way, he’ll look great in a pair of shorts.

But my final guy doesn’t look great in a pair of shorts, he looks great in a speedo. I’m a heterosexual male, and when I see Tino Sabbatelli in a wrestling ring, even I’m like, “Dayummmmmmmmm.” I’m not trying to check him out, but the dude has some glutes on him...this is getting weird, isn’t it? Oh, anyway, before he got into wrestling, he played six years in the NFL while using his real name of Sabby Piscitelli, but this is the XFL, so he’s Tino in our league. At age 34, he’s a grizzled vet, but if age has slowed him down, we can always count on his tag team partner, Riddick Moss, to interfere and make the save.

Jonah: Dwight Lowry was a 16 game starter for the past three years, but a free agent this year.  He played well enough over the past three years to be somewhere, but for some reason isn’t.  He’s healthy, 31 and has nine years of NFL experience.  He’s a solid veteran at my safety spot.

Shiloh Keo comes to us from the football factory of the University of Idaho.  He was an absolute monster when he played there and I loved having the privilege of watching it.  Unlike some of the other Vandals on my team, Keo was drafted and has had a decent NFL career.  He started for the Texans and the Broncos.  He sealed the AFC championship game for the Broncos eventual Super Bowl win so you’re welcome Peyton Manning.  He’s 30, a big hitter and can cover.

Calvin Pryor is my big name young safety.  He was a first rounder in 2014 and made the all rookie team that year.  He played pretty well but was on the Jets and the Browns so you can only expect so much.  He was on the Jaguars earlier this season but was released.  He’s 25 and still a free agent so I’ll take him.

Russell Siavii is of course another Vandal.  Move over Rock’s family because there’s a new Samoan dynasty and it’s the Keo and Siavii safety dynasty.  You can never go wrong with a Samoan playing safety and hitting people.  He’s a strong tackler and covered well.  He’s also a great special teamer.

Joe: Since I love name recognition, I definitely appreciate the pick of Calvin Pryor as he was a hard hitting safety with really good athleticism who will fit in well with the lax rules of the XFL. Dwight Lowry is a fine veteran to put back there as he knows where to be and when to be there. Keo and Siavii are both Vandals; this much is true.

Jonah: Keo is less a homer pick and just more of someone I kept track of throughout his NFL career.  He started as a rookie in Houston and was the Broncos starting safety in their Super Bowl run so he’s not just an Idaho guy he’s a safety who would play well.  Siavii is pretty much just a homer pick, probably my worst pick but I like giving my guys chances.  Reynolds should be pretty good, not sure about Holliman.  With those guys starting I’d be pretty freaked out having Taylor Mays a big name who couldn’t actually play football as a backup.  Rex Grossman could probably pick Taylor Mays apart.  Tino Sabbatelli has to chase those NXT tag team titles so I’m not sure if he’s showing up to camp or not.  I think you have a real issue at safety.

Joe: Apparently you don’t remember what Tino looks like…
I think we’re going to be just fine.

Jonah: Oh I do, butt implants for sure.  Also, you have to pay him enough so he can buy his own Maserati.

Joe: With the XFL, he might have to downgrade to a Kia, but that'll have to do.

And that wraps it up for real football players. Next time, it’s our kicking specialists.

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