Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The 45 Most Important Players to the Chicago Bulls Dynasty - #22 Scott Burrell

Scott Burrell
When I think of Scott Burrell, I always think that he was really good on NBA Live 95. Like, his overall rating wasn't great, but he had the attributes you needed to succeed in that game so you could always get him cheap. This made me a much bigger fan of Scott Burrell than most people.

He was a first round pick by the Charlotte Hornets and were actually the third team to draft him as the Seattle Mariners drafted him after his senior year in high school, and the Toronto Blue Jays drafted him while he was in college. He had his best years in Charlotte before going to Golden State and then being traded to the Chicago Bulls for Dickey Simpkins before the beginning of the 1997-98 season.

Burrell was brought in to be the backup small forward behind Scottie Pippen. He played in 80 games and averaged nearly 14 minutes of playing time with a season high of 24 points against the Denver Nuggets. His greatest highlight on YouTube is a play where he gets a rebound, turns it over, blocks a shot, and starts a fast break.

Suck it, Bruce Bowen.

In the playoffs, it was more of the same, and he would actually explode for a 23 point performance in the first round against the New Jersey Nets when he was 9-11 from the field. He played in every game of the playoffs, including a ten point, nine rebound performance in game three of the Finals.

He would go on to play a couple more seasons as a bench player before retiring with the Hornets. He is currently the head coach of Southern Connecticut State, which is apparently a real school that exists.

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