Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The 45 Most Important Players to the Chicago Bulls Dynasty - #18 Randy Brown

Randy Brown
When you hear the name Randy Brown, you might think of the UFC fighter who recently defeated Mickey Gall. You might think of the driver of the legendary monster truck, Grave Digger. Or if you're some sort of sicko Iowa State Cyclone, you may think of the infamous assistant coach who was arrested for child pornography under the esteemed direction of Larry Eustachy. But this Randy Brown is none of those things. Randy Brown is a guy who was in the right place at the right time. He started his collegiate career at Houston before transferring to New Mexico State. I couldn't find out why he transferred, but it definitely happened.

It turned out to be the correct move as he was drafted in the second round by the Sacramento Kings. He backed up the legendary Spud Webb for four years before signing with the Chicago Bulls during the 1995 offseason to back up Ron Harper.

Of course, the Bulls also had Steve Kerr on the team, so he more or less backed up Steve Kerr who was busy backing up Ron Harper. Brown would finish 12th for the Bulls in minutes per game in 1995-96, up to 10th in 1996-97, and all the way up to eighth in 1997-98. And after the Bulls lost everybody after the 1998 season, he became a starter for the next two years.

Randy Brown was wallpaper in the guest bathroom. Inoffensive, but if you had the option, you'd replace it with a fresh coat of paint. Still, it's the guest bathroom, so you have so many other things you would rather do first until you get to that point. It's fine, and since you rarely even use it, you may as well keep it until it starts falling off the walls. Randy Brown never fell off the walls, and even if the Bulls occasionally found themselves taking a dump in that guest bathroom to get some peace and quiet, management usually found that even though they didn't like the wallpaper, there was still something comforting about it.

Randy Brown is now an assistant coach with the Bulls, but last year he was thought to be a mole that would report on player activities to the front office, causing a massive riff between the players and front office, but he's still coaching, so good for him.

But let's end this on a positive note. The guy did enough cool basketball stuff to win three titles, so let's celebrate some Randy Brown highlights.

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